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We marry in the beautiful region of the Rheingau. Lot of you are travelling to celebrate with us, either by car, plane or train, you will be soon with us to cheer!


Drive from the A3 motorway in the direction to Wiesbaden, then at the Wiesbadener Kreuz from the A3 to the A66. Drive through till the end of the motorway and stay on the B42, a federal road, in the direction of Rüdesheim. Leave the main road at the Johannisberg sign. After 3 kilometers you will reach Johannisberg. Then please follow the signs "Burg Schwarzenstein".

A little note on the side: The whole area of Johannisberg / Geisenheim seems to be covered with speed cameras - we will take nice souvenir photos one way or another at the wedding, so you do not need "speed camera pictures" 😉

Distance by car

Mainz and Wiesbaden: approx. 25 km

Frankfurt am Main: approx. 60 km

Frankfurt Airport: approx. 50 km


Frankfurt Airport (FRA): approx. 50 km (40 minutes). Taking a taxi from the airport to Burg Schwarzenstein, depending on traffic, should cost around EUR 100.00 each way. Please contact us if you want to pre-order a taxi.

Please see the section below for further options how to get from the airport to the location.


The main train stations in the area are Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof and Mainz Hauptbahnhof, for international arrivals it is Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof or even better and closer is Frankfurt Airport Fernbahnhof. The Geisenheim train station is the closest at only 3 km, but here the connections are limited and involve changing to slower, regional trains, but definitely worth checking out as this as the final train station - maybe you'll be lucky and find a good connection 😊

Please see the section below for further options how to get from the airport to the location.

Other options for travel from the airport and the train stations to the location)

For guests arriving by plane or train, there are the following options for onward travel:

a) Rental car stations are available at the airport / train stations (prices must be requested online from the providers directly).

b) Train (book via / Taxi: from Frankfurt am Main Airport long-distance train station / Frankfurt am Main Airport you can continue by train to Mainz main station (journey time approx. 17 minutes with an ICE, ticket price approx. 15.00 EUR) in order to get from the main station Mainz a taxi (journey time approx. 32 minutes, costs approx. EUR 60.00) or look for a connection to Geisenheim train station. Mainz main station is a better starting point than continuing to Wiesbaden main station, as Mainz is closer.

c) Carpooling with other guests: In the "Carpooling" section below, you are welcome to indicate approximately when you will arrive and where you will arrive, so that you can get in touch to either share a taxi with other guests or possibly be picked up by the guest who is driving via Frankfurt Airport (Train Station) / Mainz main station.

All prices and journey times may vary.



If you still have a spot or two free in your car and would like to take someone with you, write in the notes how many seats you have available, contact details and when you can be where, we are sure this would help one or the other 😊 Either way, thank you very much at this point!!

If you are looking for a spot, please also write in the notes when you are where along with your contact details, so that you can be collected or share a taxi with others 😊

Local taxis

You are welcome to order this via the hotel’s reception or via Taxi Locke (local taxi provider) phone: 06722-3333 or mail: 3333@LOCKE.TAXI. Please plan ahead for both options or book in advance.

If you have an extra seat in your car or are looking for carpooling, please specify below the number of available seats or number of seats needed, the place of departure and the schedule.

Thanks for your message!

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