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A day which has to be remembered from us all.

For this, some tips


On Friday just wear whatever

you feel like!

On Saturday we ask for festive clothing, short or long, if dress, skirt or pants is up to you, as well as whether you would like to change again before dinner. The most important is that you can dance the entire night!


In order to reduce the time until the wedding and to strengthen the German-French relationship, we have created the following playlist on Spotify LINK, so that you can already familiarize yourself with the good French and German songs to rock the dance floor when they are played.



Your coming is the greatest gift for us, we are very happy that you are part of our day. If you still want to give us a little something, we would be happy to receive a contribution to our honeymoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we will stay inside and/or outside? When do we need jackets?

Of course, this is all depending on the weather and we us getting a sunny autumnal weekend - fingers crossed 😊

Friday: Weingut Trenz there is an open courtyard and the restaurant inside. We would recommend that you take a jacket with you for this evening, so that you are flexible by choosing your place where to drink your wine.

Saturday: The wedding ceremony takes place in a semi-open location, please bring a scarf / jacket with you. The reception will take place outdoors. Dinner and dancing are in a closed room.

Sunday: Breakfast takes place in a closed room.


Can we refresh ourselves before dinner on Saturday?

Absolutely, this is up to you, but you are welcome to rest and freshen up from 17:00h.


Will there be shuttles in the evenings or from/to the airport or nearby train stations?

There will not be an organized shuttle, but you can always contact reception (with a little notice in advance) and they will order a taxi for you.


Is there a special choice of colour for our outfits?

Nope, everyone as she or he wants!


How long is the Get-Together supposed to last?

We plan the Get-Together until around 1:00h, so if you arrive much later than 19:00h, you are of course welcome to join, but we still have to save some energy for Saturday!


Will we get to see the pictures taken by the photographer over the weekend?

Absolutely!! How these can then be viewed, whether via a link or this website, we will be able to tell you at a later point in time.


Last but not least - we would like to ask you the following

Not only for your own protection, but also for the protection of the other guests, as well as so that we can all celebrate intensively and hug each other, we would ask you to take a quick Corona test at home or in the hotel room on Friday before the Get-Together and on Saturday before the wedding ceremony - safety first!

Of course you are welcome to take pictures on the day of the beautiful moments, but we would kindly ask you not to post any pictures of us in general and during the wedding ceremony on social media, as we would like to have this special moment to ourselves first, thank you!! 😊

By our side we are backed up by our witnesses, in case you have any questions we can't help you with.

Lisa, Viktoria (aka Dola),

Dominik and Anthony


+49 1516 8444305 (German/English)


+49 170 5232648 (German/English)


+49 172 8296097 (German/English)


+33 6 18 43 72 32 (French/English)

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