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We have blocked hotel rooms at Burg Schwarzenstein for you with special prices (Friday / Saturday to Sunday).


This contingent is available until 31.07.2022. When booking, please state "Wedding Reichert-Langonnet 01.10.2022" as a reference.

You can either contact the hotel by phone via +49 (0) 6722 99500 or by email at

Please also note the following:

The prices below are per room per night and do not include breakfast (breakfast on Sunday is on us 😊). Breakfast for Saturday can be booked at the time of booking for EUR 28.00 per person. The rooms are available from 15:00h on the day of arrival and until 12:00h on the day of departure. If you book directly through the website or online through other hotel portals, you will not receive these prices.

The rate will reduce by EUR 15.00 per night and room for single use. If you are willing to share a room, please let us know and we will be happy to put together ladies' and gentlemen's rooms 😊

Since everything takes place at Burg Schwarzenstein except for the Get-Together, a stay there means that everything is within walking distance and you don't need a transfer or a car ride during your trip.


The rooms in the Guest House (category: Guest House Rooms) and in the Castle Building (category: Standard Rooms) cost EUR 150.00 per room per night.


The rooms in the Castle Building (category: Superior Rooms and Tower Room) and in the Park Residence (category: Classic Rooms / Deluxe Rooms) cost EUR 175.00 per room per night.


The rooms in the Park Residence (category: Junior Suites) cost EUR 230.00 per room per night.

Availability of rooms and rates depend on the booking situation, but we are very confident that anyone who wants a room will get a room, but we advise you to book soonish.

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